People are probably not using your product the way you think

Airpods are a great example of a product that flies off the shelves because users know exactly what the company does, what the product offers and are extremely satisfied with them. Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash.

Product market fit (PMF) is one of the hardest things to get right and it’s necessary for a startup to survive and thrive. Even scale-ups and established companies face PMF challenges as soon as they start growing into new markets and product categories. There has been a ton of great writing about how to know when you have PMF and structured approaches to measure and influence it (e.g. Super Human’s product market fit engine).

At AMBOSS we recently conducted churn and PMF interviews with many of our German physician users. We realized that it would help us discuss PMF and…

A book review

I just finished reading Marty Cagan’s second book EMPOWERED (Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products) written with his co-author Chris Jones and want to share my impressions.

Marty is one of the most renowned advocates of modern product management and most product managers have read, or in my opinion should read, his first book INSPIRED. While the latter focusses on the craft of managing products, EMPOWERED focuses on product leadership — coaching product managers, engineers and designers, setting product vision and strategy, and helping organizations and teams use tactics to delight customers and create value for the business.

At AMBOSS, we’re empowering…

We pursue moving with our company from output/feature-driven to outcome driven product strategy and tactics.

Many product people have good frameworks on how to do that. The two strongest and basically similar ones are OKRs (good article on Product OKRs by Tim Herbig) and the idea of connecting Impacts-to-Outcomes-to-Outputs (Jeff Gotthelf and Josh Seiden here and here. John Cutler here). In this framework, Outcomes are defined as “Changes in user behavior that drive business impacts”.

The bottom line is: Stop talking about outputs and to reverse engineer user outcomes and business impact afterwards. Instead start having the right discussion with…

Being in product management I read as much as I can about the craft. That makes me gather a lot of theoretical and practical insights, some of which I can directly apply to my daily work, some of which I keep in the back of my mind and some of which I‘d like to apply right the next day but always forget to. The latter are often „soft-skills“ or management mantras that inspire me but don’t make their way into my daily work because its simply prevents me from remembering and applying them regularly.

That’s what I tried to change…

Hannes Rössler

Physician & product manager at AMBOSS. Helping physicians to provide the best possible care. I love playing jazz and raising my son and my daughter with my wife

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